Hey, maybe I didn’t express myself correctly, I’ll give some details below. Plexamp is already installed and works perfectly on Ipad and Macbook (the one from which I also SSH into RPI streamer). After I finished installing RPI OS Lite 64 and Plexamp on the RPI, including getting it to start automatically, it works and I can control RPI Plexamp from any of the above devices until I close the terminal on the Mac. When I close the terminal, the music stops and the RPI streamer disappears among the devices on the network.
And all of the above happens if I select Digi Pro HAT or USB DAC (SMSL) as the audio output (select them from the RPI OS configuration tool). I discovered yesterday that if I leave “follows system output” after a restart it works perfectly even if I close the terminal, so for now I leave it like that.
Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it.

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