all the previous steps ran successfully.But running the last step of the code gives an error and a warning, the warning part I changed ‘linewidth’ to ‘size’ and it runs correctly, but I don’t know how to handle with the error part.In the code chunk I’ve omitted the middle part.

warning part:

ggplot() +
  # Graticules
  geom_sf(data = grat_end, color = "grey60", linewidth = 0.25, alpha = 0.3)

# In addition: Warning messages:
# Ignoring unknown parameters: linewidth 
ggplot() +
    data = const_end_lines, aes(X, Y, group = interaction(L1, L2)),
    color = "white", size = 0.5, alpha = 0.8, shadowsize = 0.4, shadowalpha = 0.01,
    shadowcolor = "white", linejoin = "round", lineend = "round"

I don’t know where the unique0 function at.Could you help me with this problem?

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