Thanks for the helpful post. You make clear that the LaTeX community has not settled on a widely preferred solution to creating LaTeX-rich web pages. I learned a long time ago that in computing languages (Python is the 6th I have used extensively and my current mainstay) I should always go with the most widely–or, at least, a very widely–adopted way of meeting my needs. LaTeX was a hard sell for me because of the steep learning curve and lack of easy control over document appearance, but I followed the crowd and have become fairly comfortable with it. For example, I embed a lot of LaTeX into Markdown when annotating Python programs in Jupyter notebooks.

Now I want to create a blog on which to post results of various scholarly forays into physics and math that I am unlikely to publish in other ways. I am totally perplexed as to what content-creation environment I should work in. My website (not yet public) is hosted by Bluehost and uses software for content management. Casual experimentation with various themes and plugins suggests I will have to put a lot of work into building environment-specific skills before I will be satisfied with the results. I do not shy away from doing so, but I do not want to get out on a limb. The main protection against this very real risk is by following the lead of as large a community as possible whose needs overlap with mine. Any advice?

GitHub-flavored Markdown & a sane subset of HTML is supported.