Thanks! I’ve been feeling a bit drained from the recent negativity/criticism campaign lately so tried to keep it as balanced as possible while still including some light criticism of my own.

I’ve been seeing a lot of comparisons to the original iPhone release, but many forget the original iPhone was pretty hardware-limited, to the point of having to release new hardware just to handle adding copy/paste functionality. I personally see it much closer to an early Tesla release; the hardware all there, just waiting to be tapped into with software updates (like the cybertruck shipping without self-driving). Many are quick to judge these days and are forgetting what it means to be an early-adopter. I’m excited to see where things go from here.

Outside of development, I definitely use it mostly every day. It’s quickly become my favorite way to watch any movies/tv/youtube videos. I traded in my iPad Pro when purchasing it and grabbed an iPad mini for pencil-specific tasks like note taking; though outside of that there’s not much I would previously do on my iPad that I don’t now do with my Vision Pro. I’m deeply rooted into the Apple ecosystem for better or worse, so having things like safari tabs follow me across my devices has been a big part of it quickly finding its place in my life/workflow.

Also I caregive for a loved one, and it’s been a complete game changer for me to get through some of the more mundane tasks while saving myself from frustration about having to stop something I was watching or working on.

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