Static comments for static websites.

You chose JAMStack because pre-rendered HTML makes things simple, scalable, fast, and SEO-friendly. It's time to start treating comment sections the same way.

1. Someone posts a comment.

Your comment form points to

Your visitor writes their love letter and presses "send". We receive the comment and handle all of the validation, spam checking, sanitization, and other behind-the-scenes ceremony.

Inbox user interface

2. We commit it.

After processing the comment, we turn it into a JSON file.

Then we commit the file to the data directory of your static site generator, on the main branch of your GitHub repository.

We also handle retrying and temporarily storing the comment for you if GitHub is being sassy.

Customer profile user interface

3. Such HTML. Much static. Wow.

Netlify (or equivalent) rebuilds your site.

Your static site generator renders the comment as fully static HTML at the bottom of your article. Netlify deploys your site to their CDN as pre-rendered static HTML files that load fast, are SEO-friendly, and cheap to host.

We get our hands off and the comment file is fully yours.

Inbox user interface

Easy installation

Set it up in minutes, not hours

Click some buttons and you're done. We'll make a pull request that has everything you need.

“Welcomments is exactly the comment system I was looking for: lightweight, secure, and easy to use. The setup was effortless: all it took were a few clicks and some copy-paste. In just a few minutes, I had comments working. Really glad I found it. 😄”

Everything you need

All you could hope from a static site commenting system. And then some more.

Easy and fast setup

Start receiving comments on your JAMStack site in minutes, not hours.

Bulletproof spam protection

We use Akismet. Being the go-to spam protection system for Wordpress, they kinda have a track record when it comes to fighting spam.

Fully customizable

Since there’s no iframes or other funky business, you can fully style the comments to match your own website.

Email notifications

Get notifications about new comments and let your visitors get notified about replies. Only if you want to, that is.


Because the comments are rendered as static HTML, search engines have no problem indexing their content.

Modest Javascript

Our optional JS snippet is only 2.1 kB, making it the tiniest Javascript snippet on the comment system market.

Courier, not a deposit box

We deliver the comments safely to your GitHub repository, but after that, you don’t need to phone our servers to display them on your site.

No Disqus-ting stuff

We’re a comment system, not an ad network or data miner. We hate ads and wouldn’t know how to mine data even if someone threatened to tickle our feet, so you’re safe with us.

Ready to dive in? Start receiving comments today.