Introducing Welcomments

Hey there! I’m Iiro, and I’m building Welcomments, a new comment system for static sites.

Initially, I built Welcomments for my personal Jekyll blog. I was using Disqus but grew frustrated with its bloat, ads, and tracking. I built Welcomments in a few months, and I’ve been using it on my blog for a year now.

I met someone in a bar recently that needed static comments for his Jekyll site and was willing to pay for it. I made it super easy for him to integrate Welcomments to his site.

As a consequence, there’s now a fancy admin panel with some bells and whistles that anyone can use to add static comments to their website.

I’m making Welcomments into a polished product so that everyone with a JAMStack site can have a nice commenting experience without the bloat.

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GitHub-flavored Markdown & a sane subset of HTML is supported.

Ready to dive in? Start receiving comments today.